Watch Young Afghan Entrepreneur Sara Wahedi’s Viral Speech On Deteriorating Education System For Girls

Since the Taliban rule came to force in the Hindukush-Himalayan country in 2021, Afghanistan has been going through a lot of internal crises. Girls education has been the most affected sector among all the problems in the country. Under the Taliban’s rule girls are banned from school beyond sixth grade, which makes them the only country in the world to ban women education.

To highlight concerns over girls’ education in Afghanistan, the CEO and founder of Ehtesab, Sara Wahedi at a public forum organized by One Young World said that the Afghanistan is the worst country in the world to be a women.

Being vocal about the issues faced by girls students in the country, Wahedi said that Afghanistan is the only country on earth that bans girl’s education. “But this time we are not silent, and our voices will reach every corner of this earth” said the entrepreneur. “It sets a dangerous precedent for our future generations”, she added.


Discrimination based on gender

The young Afghan raised her voice against discrimination based on gender. She said, “Our position is clear, no to gender apartheid.” She urged everyone to stand on the right side of history and support them in their fight.

Recently, Fatima Amiri, a survivor of the Kaaj educational center attack and a strong supporter of girls’ education, expressed disapproval of the discontinuation of scholarships for Afghan girls. She urged for an alternative educational option instead of enforcing restrictive policies in the country.

Amiri was a part of the elite class at the Kaaj educational center, which was targeted by a terrorist attack in September 2022, killing over 60 students and seriously injuring her.

She is presently receiving therapy in Turkey. Fatima and her classmates, many of whom were also injured, sat the university entrance exam about a month after the attack, earning public attention with their university admissions. However, the Taliban forbade girls from pursuing further education.

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