Navigating Entrepreneurship: Lacey Kaelani’s Rise from School Erasers to Web3 Innovation

Navigating Entrepreneurship: Lacey Kaelani’s Rise from School Erasers to Web3 Innovation

Lacey Kaelani, an entrepreneur from a lineage of innovators, has made a significant mark in the startup ecosystem, particularly within the human resources tech space. As the co-founder of Metaintro, her second venture in this domain, Lacey is at the forefront of revolutionizing traditional resumes. Metaintro serves as a professional resume wallet for Web3, introducing a novel approach by incorporating proof of employment, skill, and education, essentially replacing the conventional PDF resume. Beyond the conventional, users of Metaintro have the added benefit of crafting a professional avatar, adding a touch of personalization to their digital identity.

In a testament to Metaintro’s success and innovative approach, the startup secured an impressive $5.6 million in funding from notable sources including NEAR Blockchain, Aave, and Druid Ventures. Lacey’s vision goes beyond just a digital platform; she has cultivated a thriving community in the form of a Discord channel, where Metaintro posts approximately 4,000 Web3 job opportunities each month. This statistic alone surpasses the combined job postings on major platforms like Indeed and LinkedIn.

Lacey’s journey in the startup world has been dynamic and impactful. Before Metaintro, she dedicated three years to growing Casting Depot, a professional networking service for the media and entertainment industry. Her entrepreneurial spirit has been evident since her early days, selling stylish erasers to schoolmates, marking the beginning of her remarkable journey in business. Lacey understands that entrepreneurship takes diverse forms, from her childhood eraser venture to her father’s unconventional decision to start a peanut farm in South America.

Being featured on the Forbes 30 Under 30 Consumer Technology list in 2023 attests to Lacey Kaelani’s significant contributions to the tech industry. In a recent episode of Peers2Peers powered by Shopify, Lacey openly shares her entrepreneurial journey’s lessons, emphasizing the importance of internal dialogue, navigating the intricacies of selling a startup, securing substantial funding, and addressing the unique challenges of hiring in the evolving Web3 space. Through her experiences, Lacey underscores the impermanence of every stage in the startup process, offering valuable insights into the entrepreneurial mindset and the art of innovation.

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