Enhanced U.S.-India Partnership Strengthens Trade and Supply Chains, Affirms Mukesh Aghi.

As nations align geopolitically, the focus of India and the US is on streamlining their trade partnership and integrating India into global supply chains, according to Mukesh Aghi, President & CEO of the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF). The alignment is especially evident in their maritime efforts in regions like the Red Sea. Aghi emphasized the importance of reducing friction in tariffs, aligning standards, and integrating India into the global supply chain. Despite concerns arising from past US-China trade relations, efforts are underway to create a more viable trade proposition between India and the US, fostering less friction, increased trade, and job creation. The US investment in India is evolving beyond back offices to innovation centers, reflecting India’s rise in the global supply chain. The discussion also touched on strengthening the India-US supply chain collaboration, with an emphasis on securing pharmaceutical supply chains. Aghi highlighted the importance of India in securing the supply chain and fostering collaboration between the two nations.

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