Major Update on US Business Visa: Significant Changes Coming in April, Bringing Benefits for Indians!


There are upcoming changes in the American visa process, particularly benefiting businessmen. The new system is expected to be implemented in April. Families of professionals working in the United States on H1B visas will now have the convenience of visa renewal within the United States. Businesspersons engaged in import-export activities will require an E-1 visa, while those involved in investment-based work will need an E-2 visa.

In New Delhi, a meeting of the US-India Trade Policy Forum took place last Friday under the leadership of Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal and US Ambassador Katharina Tai. The discussions at the meeting focused on addressing the time-consuming process of obtaining E-1 and E-2 visas. Minister Goyal announced on Saturday that starting in April, visas will be available in a more efficient timeframe. He also highlighted that there is already no issue with student visas.

Minister Goyal further mentioned that professionals on H1B visas will no longer be required to return to India for visa renewal. Additionally, positive assurance has been received from the United States regarding the extension of this facility to the families of H1B visa professionals.

For those engaged in import-export activities, the E-1 visa is essential, while individuals working in the United States on an investment basis require the E-2 visa. Currently, obtaining these visas takes several months. Commerce Secretary Sunil Barthwal emphasized that during the forum meeting, discussions included strategies to increase participation in government procurement between both countries. Enhancing India’s involvement in US government procurement could significantly boost Indian exports. However, reciprocity from the United States in India’s government procurement is also being sought.

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