Better Juice is set to expand its presence in the United States through a partnership with Ingredion.

REHOVOT, ISRAEL — Better Juice is teaming up with Ingredion, Inc. to bring its sugar reduction solution to the United States. Ingredion Ventures, the venture investment arm of the company, will lead a Series A funding round for Better Juice to expedite its expansion efforts. In June 2021, Better Juice secured $8 million in funding to establish its first manufacturing plant in Israel.

Better Juice specializes in sugar reduction technology, particularly in juice-based beverages, concentrates, and other naturally sugar-containing liquids. The company has developed an enzymatic technology that converts sugars into non-digestible compounds, such as dietary fibers and non-digestible sugars. This process aims to reduce sugar content by 30% to 80% while preserving the natural profile of vitamins, minerals, and organic acids in the final product.

Gali Yarom, co-founder and co-chief executive officer of Better Juice, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with Ingredion, stating that it aligns perfectly with their strategy to enter the North American market. Ingredion was particularly impressed by Better Juice’s non-GMO technology and its diverse applications, which are appealing to leading food and beverage companies seeking sugar-reduction solutions.

Better Juice’s proprietary conversion process employs beads made of non-GMO microorganisms, producing enzymes that transform fruit sugars, including sucrose, glucose, and fructose, into prebiotic fibers and other non-digestible molecules. The company has successfully scaled its sugar-reduction solution in the United States, with the capacity to process approximately 250 million liters of sugar-reduced juice annually.

To support its global footprint, Better Juice partnered with GEA Group, a German supplier of food processing technology, in January 2021. The collaboration involves the installation of the GEA Better Juice Sugar Converter Skid in GEA’s test center in Ahaus, Germany. Better Juice and GEA work together to implement the technology in various facilities.

Founded in 2018 by a team of scientists and industry experts, Better Juice is dedicated to providing healthier food options with reduced sugar content.

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