Ambassador Sandhu emphasizes the importance of the India-US relationship for global welfare.

Taranjit Singh Sandhu, the outgoing Indian Ambassador to the United States, underscored the profound importance of the India-US relationship, not just for the two nations but also for global well-being. Addressing a virtual farewell session with a group of distinguished Indian Americans, Sandhu urged the diaspora to play a vital role in strengthening this partnership and emphasized the significance of keeping the second generation connected to India through frequent travel.

Sandhu, who is retiring from the Indian Foreign Service after 35 years, expressed gratitude for the support and urged Indian Americans to ensure that their children remain invested in India. He assured them of embassy and consulate assistance regarding any security concerns for their children while traveling. Sandhu highlighted the potential advantages for the second generation, stating that a strong familiarity with India could enhance their employability with international companies entering the Indian market.

Anticipating further growth in the bilateral relationship, Sandhu noted that the ties between the two countries are destined to expand in various sectors such as affordable healthcare, energy, technology, startups, and innovation. During his tenure, Sandhu played a crucial role in establishing the Indian Consulate in Seattle, and he announced the upcoming opening of two more consulates in the US.

Reflecting on his diplomatic efforts, Sandhu acknowledged the critical role played by the Indian American community and emphasized the untapped potential for increased collaboration. The virtual farewell reception, lasting over two hours, saw Indian Americans applauding Sandhu’s leadership and the progress made in India-US relations during his tenure.

In their remarks, members of the Indian American community commended Sandhu for deepening the relationship and fostering international harmony. They praised his diplomatic finesse and expressed gratitude for his efforts in shaping the trajectory of the US-India bilateral relationship, describing him as a visionary diplomat who has left an enduring legacy.

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