Urvi Sharma is Crafting Contemporary Stories in Wood, Stone, and Light with INDO

Urvi Sharma is Crafting Contemporary Stories in Wood, Stone, and Light with INDO

In the intricate dance between tradition and modernity, Urvi Sharma, the visionary co-founder of INDO-, has orchestrated a symphony of design that echoes through the realms of furniture artistry. With a profound commitment to melding traditional craftsmanship with a contemporary aesthetic, Sharma’s creations at INDO- have become an epitome of bespoke elegance.

Urvi Sharma’s journey is one defined by the seamless fusion of heritage and innovation. Her Indian-American roots permeate the essence of each meticulously crafted piece, each telling a unique story that unfolds in the intricate details of wood, stone, and light. At INDO-, tradition is not a relic of the past but a dynamic force, breathing life into modern design.

From the humble side table to the ethereal glow of pendant lights, INDO-‘s made-to-order furniture stands as a testament to Sharma’s creative prowess. The brand’s portfolio reads like a visual poetry anthology, where every piece is a carefully composed verse, resonating with the soul of both tradition and contemporary allure.

The recognition garnered by INDO- under Urvi Sharma’s guidance is nothing short of a design symphony hitting all the right notes. Architectural Digest and Interior Design have echoed the brand’s excellence, placing it on a pedestal that celebrates not just furniture but functional art. Dwell’s acknowledgment, dubbing Sharma one of the “24 Designers to Watch,” speaks volumes about the indelible mark she’s left on the design landscape.

Sharma’s accolades extend further, with the prestigious NYCxDesign Emerging Product Designer of the Year award adorning her portfolio. It’s a testament to her ability to not only navigate the intricate dance of tradition and modernity but to lead it, setting new standards for what it means to be at the forefront of contemporary design.

What sets INDO- apart is not just the endearing allure of its products but the philosophy that underlines each creation. Urvi Sharma’s vision is not confined to furniture; it’s a narrative, a dialogue between the past and the present. The pieces that emerge from INDO- aren’t just items of décor; they’re chapters in an evolving story of design evolution.

As Urvi Sharma continues to redefine spaces through the lens of INDO-, her work becomes an invitation to step into a world where tradition dances harmoniously with the avant-garde. With each stroke of creativity, she draws a bridge between heritage and the future, inviting us all to take a seat and witness the narrative unfold—one meticulously crafted piece at a time.

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