In 2023, Canon secured the fifth position for the highest number of patents awarded in the United States.

Canon Inc. ( secured the fifth position for the number of U.S. patents awarded in 2023, marking an exceptional streak of 38 consecutive years in the top five, as revealed in the latest preliminary patent results by IFI CLAIMS Patent Services. This accomplishment solidifies Canon’s unique status as the only company worldwide to maintain a consistent ranking. Additionally, Canon achieved the top spot among Japanese companies for the 19th consecutive year. The company actively emphasizes the globalization of its business and places significant importance on obtaining patents internationally. Canon follows a strategic approach to the patent filing, targeting essential countries and regions aligned with specific business strategies, technology trends, and product developments unique to each location.

Given the prominence of the United States with its numerous high-tech companies and vast market scale, Canon considers it a crucial region for business expansion and technology collaborations.

Canon focuses on generating new technologies across its four business groups: Printing, Imaging, Medical, and Industrial Equipment. Alongside enhancing the competitiveness of each business segment, the company has directed efforts toward developing fundamental technologies. These include cutting-edge SPAD sensors, photon counting CT, image processing technology utilizing deep learning, next-generation commercial printing technology, and nanoimprint lithography. These technologies are integral to various applications and form the basis for innovative business creation. Canon is actively acquiring patent rights for such technologies.

Adapting to current trends, Canon emphasizes nurturing core competency technologies that support its business. The company actively engages in acquiring and leveraging intellectual property rights to maintain a robust patent portfolio, ensuring the competitiveness and freedom of its businesses.

Looking ahead, Canon remains committed to its intellectual property initiatives, aiming to bolster its businesses, provide products and services with added value, and contribute to a better society.

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