Lily Kwong: Crafting Botanical Narratives and Transformative Landscapes

Lily Kwong: Crafting Botanical Narratives and Transformative Landscapes

In the realm of floral artistry and immersive installations, Lily Kwong stands as a luminary, reshaping spaces and narratives through her innovative approach to botany, landscape design, and installation art. As the founder of Studio Lily Kwong, based in both Los Angeles and New York, she has not only garnered acclaim for her striking creations but has also become a sought-after collaborator for prestigious brands and institutions.

Kwong’s journey to prominence took a significant step when she earned a well-deserved spot on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in 2018. Since then, her career trajectory has been nothing short of extraordinary, marked by collaborations with renowned brands such as Nike and St-Germain. These partnerships underscore Kwong’s ability to seamlessly merge the realms of art, design, and corporate identity.

One of Kwong’s standout achievements is her recent design of the Orchid Show at the New York Botanical Garden, a prestigious event that opened its doors in February. For the 20th iteration of this annual affair, Kwong made history by becoming the first woman and the first person of color invited as a guest designer for The Orchid Show. Her creation, a reinterpretation of a Chinese garden, not only showcased her artistic prowess but also marked a significant stride towards inclusivity and representation in the traditionally male-dominated field of garden design.

Kwong’s artistic footprint extends far beyond the confines of the New York Botanical Garden. She has brought her enchanting botanical landscapes to diverse spaces, including the iconic High Line, the bustling Taipei Night Market, the historic Grand Central Terminal, and the avant-garde Faena Arts district. Each installation, a testament to her ability to transform ordinary spaces into immersive experiences that captivate and inspire.

Beyond her commercial endeavors, Kwong has recently embarked on a philanthropic venture with the launch of Freedom Gardens. This community garden initiative seeks to cultivate food and edible gardens in New York and Los Angeles, emphasizing Kwong’s commitment to sustainable practices and community engagement.

Lily Kwong’s story is one of creative vision, breaking barriers, and infusing life into spaces through the transformative power of botanical art. As she continues to redefine the possibilities within her field, Kwong’s influence resonates not only in the aesthetics of her installations but also in the societal impact of her community-driven initiatives.

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