A delegation led by Keith Krach from the US-Taiwan Business Council enhances trusted collaboration with Taiwan.

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The U.S.-Taiwan Business Council (USTBC) delegation, led by former Under Secretary of State Keith Krach and USTBC President Rupert Hammond-Chambers, has concluded its annual Chairman’s visit to Taiwan. The visit, which came shortly after Taiwan’s elections, aimed to express support for Taiwan’s democracy and strengthen bilateral business ties, emphasizing the importance of trust between the United States and Taiwan.

Krach emphasized the significance of trust in business relationships, stating, “Trust is the most important word in any language. You do business with people you trust.” Both Taiwanese officials and members of the USTBC delegation, which included senior executives from leading companies such as Google, Amazon, Intel, and others, echoed the importance of trust throughout the visit.

Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen and President-elect Lai Ching-te welcomed the delegation, recognizing the importance of American business leaders’ engagement with Taiwan. Premier Chen Chien-jen praised Krach’s initiatives during his tenure as Under Secretary of State, highlighting the strengthening of economic partnerships between Taiwan and the U.S.

During the visit, the USTBC delegation engaged in high-level meetings with various Taiwanese officials and regulatory agencies, focusing on economic cooperation and technological collaboration. Discussions also centered on the recently announced Taiwan Center for Innovation and Prosperity at the Krach Institute, aimed at enhancing Taiwan’s prosperity and international standing through U.S. investment and technological expertise.

In recognition of Taiwan’s vibrant democracy, the delegation met with leaders from all political parties to gain insights into the challenges facing Taiwan. Additionally, discussions were held with university leaders to expand cooperation in research, training, and tech diplomacy.

USTBC President Hammond-Chambers emphasized the importance of the visit in advancing U.S.-Taiwan ties and expanding the Global Trusted Tech Network, affirming the commitment to trusted economic and technological collaboration.

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