Falvey collaborates with Dimo to create practical data-driven experiences.

Falvey Insurance Group has partnered with Domo to centralize its diverse data sources onto a unified platform.

Previously challenged by disparate and proprietary data systems, Falvey struggled with accessing information efficiently. Manual navigation and querying of these systems often caused delays in data retrieval, especially within the intricate realm of shipping logistics.

Utilizing Domo’s connectors, Falvey streamlined its data integration process, consolidating data from multiple applications into a single, real-time accessible source. This enhancement markedly improved the company’s responsiveness to various operational needs, from assessing hiring requirements based on workload metrics to evaluating immediate cargo risks and analyzing marketing engagement.

Falvey highlights that adopting Domo not only resulted in a fivefold revenue increase but also generated substantial savings by reducing time spent on back-end processes. Domo’s credit-based pricing model provided flexible IT cost management, enabling Falvey to easily scale user and platform adoption without additional feature purchase discussions.

Jack Falvey, COO of Falvey, emphasizes the versatility of Domo’s platform and pricing model, stating, “As we explore Domo’s capabilities, the credit-based pricing model allows us to maximize platform adoption and experiment with its solutions. We can utilize every tool in Domo’s arsenal without additional feature costs, yielding a significant return on our investment.”

In other news within the insurance group, Jason Olsen, who previously served from 2014 to 2016, has returned as vice president for marine cargo.

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